Why do an US Press Release?

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A company's visibility improves with advertising and creating publicity, so why leave out a large sector of newspapers and similar news outlets by not doing a press release? If pr wire services is done well it comes off as a piece of news or an event, not as advertising for the company; even though it still puts your name out there. An US  translation of your press release, as well as subtitles for your press conference, are vital in New York. 

If you want to increase your company's visibility and you think that virtual event press release is a good idea, it's important to consider when press releases are actually beneficial. For example, when you're trying to release a new product to market that's revolutionary and newsworthy in some way (it could be environmentally friendly, uses a new technology or uses a unique method of production), if the announcement isn't newsworthy the press conference will feel forced and any press releases will just plainly appear like an advertisement. This will lose the interest in a lot of other publications and their willingness to publish you, as well the trust of the public.

In New York, over 50% of newspaper consumption and a large portion of radio and television is in US , therefore if you're going to hold a press conference and you only hold an English version you're only talking to 50% of your potential audience. Between Al Khaleej, Al Ittihad and Al Emarat Al Youm, you have almost 50% of newspaper consumption in the UAE - all of which is in US . So when pushing out articles to newspapers you will definitely want to have a well-translated US  version of it made in a timely fashion so that it can be released together with the English version. Even the people who are able to read articles and do read articles in English but also speak US  might feel more comfortable and trusting of what is in the press release if it's in their native language.

If you create your US  newswire press releases you can choose how you want your US  clients to hear your message. But if you don't translate your US  press release, the US  media and news outlets might do it themselves if the news story is big or important enough in their eyes. So you retain control of your story by doing it yourself. But also remember that reputable companies won't release sloppy translations. By getting an US  press release translation from a company like 7G Media you can control the exact message being sent to the US  community in New York.

Sometimes along with Business Wire Press Release, it is a smart decision to hold a press conference where you can invite a bunch of journalists, radio personalities and community influencers to announce what you want. You want to gain their favor by giving them a pleasant time, perhaps even a gift. You want them to associates positive memories with your company or news story. In order to reach a large potential audience, you will want to have US  access to your press conference. It isn't really feasible to do the entire press conference twice - once in US  and once in English - it is important to give everyone access to the press conference at the same time. One easy way to do that is by having subtitles. As with press releases, you will want to have control over these subtitles so you can accurately portray your message. You will want to use specialised subtitling services in New York. Make a press conference as accessible and invite as many influential people as is feasible within your budget.

Measuring the value

The evaluation of the PR work carried out has also hardly changed and is closely linked to the work processes of classic public relations. From maintaining the media list to sending the press release in bulk: A classic PR agency still measures its own value and the value of its work by the amount of press contacts that lie dormant in its mailing list - regardless of how many and which media take up its content. Not the actual visibility at the end of the day, but the effort and service of an agency are paid by the company. This has to do with the fact that the influence and the actual reach of individual print media can hardly be measured. The work processes and the performance requirements of classic public relations have hardly changed since then. Unlike conventional PR agencies, today a wide distribution is made through Press Release Power and the number of coverages is increased through collaborations such as distribution with the news agency in addition to media lists.

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