Who Else Wants Press Release Power Services?

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Who Else Wants Press Release Power Services?


Press Release Power is the only service that makes it simple to write and submit your press releases. We have been in business since 2005, and we’ve seen how many companies struggle with finding a reliable source of high-quality press release distribution. press release submission sites At Press Release Power you get plenty of help at no cost!

Press Release Power makes your press release distribution 

Press Release Power is a press release distribution service that makes your press release distribution affordable without sacrificing quality.

Press releases are one of the most important forms of marketing you can have, but they often don't get read by journalists. submit press release online This means that you have to spend time and money on sending out hundreds or thousands of copies just to see if anyone will actually read them!

That's where we come in: Press Release Power provides a high-quality, affordable alternative to traditional media syndication services. We work with our clients' existing goals and objectives so they can focus on getting their message out there instead of worrying about costs and logistics—you never have to worry about whether or not something will get published because we'll take care of everything else!

No matter which package you choose

No matter which package you choose, we will send you an unlimited number of releases for no additional fee.

No other fees are charged beyond the cost of printing and mailing them out - there are no hidden costs!

The most popular channel used to submit a press release is e-mailing it to editors.

The most popular channel used to submit a press release is e-mailing it to editors.

If you want to submit your press release via e-mail, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the recipient's e-mail address is correct, or they may not receive it.

  • Include an introduction that describes who you are and why you're sending them your news story (including links).

  • Include contact information for any relevant people at the publication where your story submit a press release 

  • appears in order for them to contact you if interested in republishing it elsewhere.

  • Get in Touch with us!

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