Swarovski Reveals Master Chief Helmet And Energy Sword Crystals

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Halo marketing is beauteous overmuch ever top-notch, and the selling run down Halo Infinite is nary different. Just yesterday, 343 released a caller (and precise hype) Halo Infinite run trailer, and today, Swarovski – yes, the famed crystal shaper – revealed 2 caller Halo Infinite-inspired crystal figurines. 

As portion of its Swarovski x Halo Collectibles collection, the institution has created a crystal Master Chief Helmet, implicit with a yellow-tinted visor, and a crystal Energy Sword, arsenic reported by GameSpot. You tin cheque retired some below: 

“In solemnisation of the game’s 20th day and the motorboat of Halo Infinite, Xbox and Swarovski measurement into the epic sci-fi beingness with 2 collectible crystal figurines,” Swarovski’s website reads. “A unsocial collaboration for some brands that serves arsenic a reminder of what self-discovery and imaginativeness tin do. Created successful an highly limited-edition run, lone the bold volition reap their rewards. Enter your accusation beneath for a accidental to triumph 1 of 117 [we spot what you did there] Swarovski x Halo collectibles.” 

As mentioned above, Swarovski is not selling these (we don’t adjacent privation to cognize what the terms tag would be), and the lone mode to get your hands connected 1 of 117 of these crystal figures is to participate the company’s drawing. You tin registry for that connected the Swarovski site

While waiting to spot if you triumph 1 of these crystal figurines, work astir however Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers volition get monthly Halo Infinite multiplayer bonuses starting adjacent week and past work astir however a caller alteration successful multiplayer makes it truthful that players gain accrued XP for the archetypal six matches played connected immoderate fixed day. Check retired the champion Halo Infinite multiplayer tips we’ve learned from watching TikToks aft that. 

[Source: GameSpot]

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