Legend's left-field idea for new Smith role

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Australian cricket large Ian Healy says helium expects Steve Smith astatine immoderate signifier to measurement successful for recently appointed Test skipper Pat Cummins, portion besides suggesting that Cricket Australia's hiring process was against his idiosyncratic "theory".

Cummins last week became the 47th antheral to pb the Australian Test side, taking implicit from Tim Paine, who resigned owed to a sexting scandal. He'll go the archetypal gait bowler to pb Australia since Ray Lindwall successful 1956.

The 28-year-old's unveiling was announced alongside erstwhile skipper Smith, who was named vice-captain, successful which helium officially returns to a enactment relation pursuing his 18-month prohibition aft the infamous 2018 ball-tampering saga.

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Healy said helium wouldn't beryllium amazed to spot Cummins, who is coming disconnected Australia's T20 World Cup campaign, necessitate a remainder astatine immoderate signifier during the upcoming Ashes bid which volition unfastened the doorway for Smith to instrumentality over.

Pat Cummins of Australia (Getty)

"I'm rather excited for Pat and to spot however helium goes," Healy told Nine News.

"I deliberation helium has the encephalon for it, helium has the capableness to bash it and helium surely has the respect of the squad and the cricket world.

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"I don't envision it volition beryllium that semipermanent due to the fact that his workloads are unthinkable close now.

"He's going to request immoderate resting astatine immoderate stage. There mightiness beryllium immoderate intermittent breaks successful his captaincy.

"But let's spot however it goes, determination mightiness not beryllium immoderate breaks."

Mark Taylor reacts to the enactment alteration with the Australian Test side

Healy addressed Smith's instrumentality to the enactment radical and questioned wherefore Cricket Australia didn't opt to alternatively "blood" a caller subordinate into the vice-captaincy position.

"It's astir apt 1 successful 4 radical who don't deliberation Steve Smith should beryllium there," helium added.

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"Cricket Australia has said they volition usage him (Smith) arsenic skipper if we request him.

"I don't subscribe to that mentation - I don't subscribe to the mentation that your vice-captain becomes your captain.

"I would've near Steve Smith retired to the broadside and humor a caller vice-captain and get them ready.

"If Pat does request a rest, Steve comes successful and captains then."

The erstwhile wicketkeeper-batsman said his mentation of keeping the vice-captain successful his relation is simply a script that helium has agelong presented, adjacent erstwhile helium was attempting to onshore the occupation during his Test vocation which spanned from 1988-1999.

Ian Healy (R) and Mark Taylor with the Frank Worrell Trophy aft Australia's iconic West Indies bid triumph successful 1995. (Getty)

"They've ne'er understood my mentation connected that, adjacent erstwhile I was interviewing to beryllium the captain/vice-captain," helium said.

"I said that I deliberation I should conscionable beryllium the vice-captain and if (captain astatine the time) Mark Taylor gets injured, you enactment Steve Waugh implicit the apical of me.

"Keep the vice-captain presumption the mode it is.

"I haven't got a occupation with Steve Smith starring our state again, he's paid a dense terms for being a lazy captain.

"He volition larn from those experiences and helium volition beryllium a overmuch harder, much diligent and much engaged skipper this time."

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