WATCH: Historian Douglas Brinkley Explains That Donald Trump is Too Much of an Imbecile To Understand Why Hitler is Bad

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Conservatives person a unusual wont of comparing things to Adolf Hitler. During a legislature hearing, Candace Owens was asked astir her erstwhile affirmative comments astir the German leader. And Marjorie Taylor Greene can’t assistance but compare COVID restrictions to Nazi Germany.

And according to immoderate caller reports, Donald Trump was besides speedy to praise the erstwhile German leader. During an interrogation wih CNN’s Jake Tapper, Douglas Brinkley said that Trump is excessively overmuch of an imbecile to recognize wherefore it was incorrect to bash so.

According to a caller publication by Michael Wolff, Trump erstwhile told John Kelly, “Well, Hitler did a batch of bully things.” The erstwhile General and Chief of Staff past instructed Trump that you should ne'er praise Hitler. 

When asked astir the remarks, Brinkley told Jake Tapper, “Donald Trump… is simply a spot of an imbecile and has nary consciousness of history. The precocious writer Norman Mailer utilized to archer maine that, successful history, lone a fewer names get known. So, you know, Andy Warhol would overgarment Mao Tse Tung oregon Elvis Presley. I deliberation Trump ever wanted to beryllium successful that people of a known name.”

Watch historiographer Douglas Brinkley explains that Trump is an imbecile who doesn't recognize wherefore Hitler was atrocious

— PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) July 15, 2021

The renowned historiographer continued, “He ne'er took the clip to announcement that you don’t privation to beryllium considered with Mao oregon Mussolini oregon Hitler successful immoderate way, shape, oregon form. He saw them much arsenic celebrities.”

Not lone did Trump praise Hitler, helium was besides compared to him successful different tell-all book. General Mark Milley compared the erstwhile president’s attempts astatine initiating martial instrumentality to Hiter’s Reichstag Fire moment.

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