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It's that clip of twelvemonth again. Geoff Keighley is gracing our streaming platforms with another variation of Gamescom Opening Night Live, and the signifier is acceptable for a monolithic show. We astatine Game Informer are large fans of monolithic shows, and we're excited to ticker on with the remainder of the community! Join Alex Stadnik arsenic helium reacts unrecorded to each the day's reveals and gameplay trailers starting astatine 12:45 p.m. CT!

So we cognize Alex volition beryllium there, and you'll beryllium there, but who connected the developer broadside volition beryllium joining us? One of the large teases from past week was that the Saints Row franchise is perchance making a comeback, with our big Geoff tweeting astir a imaginable instrumentality to the chaotic open-world series.

Speaking of chaotic unfastened worlds, we besides cognize Far Cry 6 volition perchance marque 1 of its last appearances up of its October 6th merchandise date. Finally, portion there's nary confirmation connected the Xbox side, we cognize Microsoft volition beryllium astatine the day's show, and a definite greenish Spartan was absent from yesterday's showcase.

Have you missed immoderate of the enactment from yesterday's engaged day? Be definite to cheque retired the ten caller games coming to Game Pass, 5 large things we're excited for from Destiny's latest expansion, and a look astatine Forza Horizon 5's awesome caller controller!

What are you looking guardant to from Opening Night Live 2021? Be definite to articulation america connected the authoritative Game Informer Twitch channel to fto america cognize what your hype levels are up of today's show!

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