Voting Rights Expert Crushes Ted Cruz By Telling Him Texas Voting Laws Are Racist

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) asked during a Senate hearing, which elector ID laws are racist, and the witnesser told him Texas.


Sen. Ted Cruz: "What elector I.D. laws are racist?"

Professor Franita Tolson: "Apologies Mr. Cruz, your authorities of Texas, perhaps."

— The Hill (@thehill) September 22, 2021

Sen. Cruz asked which elector ID laws are racist?

Professor Franita Tolson answered, “Apologies, Mr. Cruz, your authorities of Texas perhaps?”

Cruz past tried to accidental that the prof called the full authorities of Texas racist, and she said, “I think, sir. That is beauteous reductive. I’m not saying your full authorities of Texas is racist.” She past went connected to supply grounds by citing a national territory tribunal ruling that recovered that the Texas instrumentality was enactment into spot to diminish the powerfulness of Latinos with racist intent.

Cruz past tried to abstracted the racist and discriminatory intent of elector ID laws from the enactment of showing an ID to vote, and that went astir arsenic good arsenic 1 would expect coming from a lawyer who has ne'er argued a lawsuit successful court.

The experts connected the Senate sheet made it wide that not each elector ID laws are racist, but immoderate elector ID laws person racist intent and are meant to people minorities.

Sen. Cruz could not support elector ID laws connected their ain merits. The intent of the instrumentality impacts the consequent acts nether the law. For example, a racist elector ID instrumentality means that radical who don’t conscionable the law’s criteria can’t vote, truthful they can’t spell to the polls and amusement an ID to vote. They person been chopped retired and excluded from the electoral process.

The constituent of racist voting laws is to shrink the size of the electorate truthful that it is much hard for radical who are much apt to enactment Democrats to vote.

Red states are enacting racist voting laws, which is wherefore Democrats indispensable instrumentality enactment astatine the national level to support the close to vote.

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