Valorant’s Newest Agent Revealed, Arrives Next Update

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Riot Games person pulled the curtains backmost connected the newest cause joining Valorant and her sanction is Neon. 

Revealed by mode of a special cause trailer, Neon is simply a fast-paced electrical shooter that seemingly specializes successful zooming each implicit a fixed representation quicker than immoderate different cause successful the game. The abbreviated communicative trailer, which runs little than 3 minutes, reveals that Neon is simply a Manila, Philippines-based cause with an fantabulous sensation successful music. 

As you tin spot successful the trailer, Neon is simply a instrumentality of Entertain Me by Ylona Garcia and 88rising. She’s besides seemingly a instrumentality of dreaming about what players are going to execute connected the battlefield utilizing her powers. We spot her sprinting and sliding each implicit the maps shown successful the trailer, utilizing her energy to marque it easier. However, it doesn’t look similar she’ll beryllium capable to sprout portion sprinting truthful don’t expect to beryllium the run-n-gunner Neon mightiness look to be. 

We besides get a speedy look astatine 1 of her abilities wherever Neon lifts 2 ample and agelong walls of energy successful a consecutive line, walls that she’s escaped to run successful and retired of. 

The trailer besides reveals that Neon volition get successful Valorant with Episode 4: Disruption, though a merchandise day for this caller occurrence (which is what Valorant calls its large updates) has not yet been revealed. However, the existent conflict walk ends connected January 11 truthful immoderate fans person speculated that Episode 4 volition statesman the pursuing time connected January 12. 

While waiting to larn more, cheque retired our thoughts connected the shooter successful Game Informer’s Valorant review and past work astir however Valorant’s manager is nary longer moving connected the crippled and alternatively working connected a caller concealed task astatine Riot. Be definite to work astir however a mobile mentation of Valorant is connected the way aft that. 

Are you excited to cheque retired Neon erstwhile she arrives to Valorant? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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