Tales Of Luminaria Brings A "Revolutionary New Tale" To Mobile

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Tales of Arise is simply a scant 2 weeks distant from release, but Bandai Namco decided that conscionable 1 Tales crippled wasn’t capable for its fans. Why not person different Tales rubric waiting successful the wings, not for console, but alternatively for mobile.

During Gamescom Opening Night Live, this caller mobile crippled titled Tales of Luminaria was announced successful a precise speedy trailer. Using 3D characters and environments similar its console counterparts, Luminaria looks similar it could present an action-packed acquisition akin to different caller games successful the series. The trailer's opening features shots of the bid protagonists from implicit the years; past this appears connected the screen: “Throughout the decades determination person been countless Tales. And now, successful a caller world… A revolutionary caller Tale is astir to beryllium told!” Then we’re treated to the creation of this caller Tales world. We spot a wood determination with glowing greenish vigor bursting from a operation successful the inheritance and a vast, mysterious metropolis shrouded successful the eerie airy of an eclipse.

After confirming with our nonmigratory Tales expert, Kimberley Wallace, Luminaria looks to diagnostic an archetypal formed for this caller adventure. I counted astatine slightest 10 characters shown successful accelerated succession, some successful conflict and moving astir the crippled world. From fiery swordsmen to mages who look similar Dracula, and magical heroines, Tales of Luminaria checks each the JRPG boxes.

We’re not definite erstwhile Tales of Luminaria volition beryllium available, but according to the trailer, it is coming “soon.” Really, that could mean thing erstwhile it comes to mobile games. For those looking to play a Tales crippled close now, cheque retired the demo available for Tales of Arise connected PlayStation and Xbox consoles. While you’re learning each astir Arise, instrumentality a look astatine our RPG issue of the Game Informer magazine headlined with a immense diagnostic each astir Tales of Arise, written by Kim Wallace herself.

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