Supercars teams in limbo as Bathurst looms

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Tickford Racing brag Tim Edwards says there's a determination to guarantee this year's Bathurst 1000 goes ahead, contempt the uncertainty caused by the increasing COVID-19 outbreak successful New South Wales.

The full authorities is successful lockdown, with today's 1029 cases the astir recorded connected a azygous time during the 18-month pandemic.

The Bathurst 1000 has already been moved from its accustomed day successful October to November, successful the anticipation it tin beryllium tally arsenic usually arsenic possible.

"All we tin bash is ticker and wait," Edwards told Wide World of Sports.

"I conscionable had a catch-up with the team, we've inactive got six weeks until we're scheduled to spell racing again, truthful successful astir a period we'll commencement looking astatine however the concern is unfolding, and past commencement making plans.

"Bathurst is much than 2 months away, a batch tin alteration successful that time. I surely anticipation it does!

Tickford's Cam Waters is presently 3rd successful the Supercars championship. (Getty)

"But there's a batch of determination to marque definite it happens. Hopefully by past we've reached the magical 80 per cent fig for vaccinations, if you judge what you read. So we'll hold with bated enactment to spot what that allows america to do."

There's an added complication for Edwards to woody with, with 2019 Bathurst champion Alex Premat signed to thrust for the squad this year.

The Frenchman partnered Scott McLaughlin to triumph 2 years ago, but wasn't capable to question to Australia past year.

He's acceptable to instrumentality successful 2021, but Edwards says there's inactive a mates of hurdles to beryllium cleared.

"Alex has got his visa, and his exemption to travel to Australia, but we're not booking immoderate flights conscionable yet, arsenic with thing other astatine the moment, a batch tin change," helium explained.

Tickford's James Courtney volition beryllium chasing his archetypal Bathurst victory. (Getty)

"It would beryllium alternatively cruel to person him travel present and bash his 14 days quarantine, past to conscionable him astatine the doorway erstwhile helium comes retired and say, 'Surprise, the contention has been moved backmost a month'."

"We'll conscionable hold for immoderate much clarity, but the hard portion is done successful presumption of the paperwork.

"He's prepared to bash his quarantine, but close present it conscionable comes down to being definite of the day for the race."

Supercars has truthful acold completed 7 of the scheduled 12 rounds for the season, though the remainder of the calendar is successful a authorities of flux fixed the COVID-19 outbreak crossed aggregate states.

The adjacent 2 rounds are scheduled for Victoria (Winton connected October 2-3, and Phillip Island connected October 23-24). That's followed by Bathurst (November 4-7) and Sydney Motorsport Park (November 19-21) earlier the play concludes successful Surfers Paradise (December 3-5).

James Courtney successful enactment astatine Bathurst earlier this year. (Getty)

With borderline restrictions successful place, changes are likely, but Edwards says each effort volition spell into making definite Bathurst tin spell up successful immoderate form.

"It's our expansive final. The AFL play wouldn't beryllium implicit without the expansive final, we're successful the aforesaid vessel with Bathurst," Edwards said.

"Bathurst is simply a cardinal portion of our championship, adjacent from a idiosyncratic constituent of view, it's the biggest lawsuit successful our season, we privation to spell determination and spell racing."

Edwards said helium was optimistic crowds could beryllium connected manus astatine Mount Panorama, aft conscionable 4000 were allowed to be past year's race.

But helium flagged the anticipation lone those who person been afloat vaccinated whitethorn beryllium capable to attend.

"You tin representation those benignant of things happening, due to the fact that that's what we're seeing overseas. You person to beryllium vaccinated to spell into a restaurant, oregon to get connected a plane, oregon transverse a border," helium said.

Jack Le Brocq is successful his 2nd play with Tickford Racing. (Getty)

"All those things volition go overmuch clearer successful the adjacent period oregon so, but it could beryllium thing on those lines for Bathurst.

"I'm not progressive successful immoderate discussions astir that close now, but you tin spot the penning connected the partition for each sports, not conscionable centrifugal racing, due to the fact that that volition beryllium their summons to proceed putting connected a show."

Victoria's 2020 outbreak meant Tickford Racing, on with each teams from that state, spent months connected the road, incapable to instrumentality to their homes.

That won't beryllium the lawsuit this year, with conscionable 5 rounds remaining, but Supercars said it won't unreserved into a determination connected the docket for the remainder of the season.

"Supercars is committed to delivering the adjacent 5 rounds of the 2021 title and is moving with each applicable governments and wellness departments to guarantee this occurs safely," a spokesperson told Wide World of Sports.  

"While Supercars shares the ongoing COVID-19 related frustrations of each Australians, peculiarly those connected the eastbound coast, we are moving hard to present the remaining races and we erstwhile again convey our fans for joining america connected this journey. 

"We are committed to our 2021 season, including racing astatine our premier event, the Repco Bathurst 1000."

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