Steve Scalise Complains About Afghanistan After Democrats Pass Budget Blueprint

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Representative Steve Scalise (R-La.), the House Minority Whip, criticized President Joe Biden aft the House of Representatives passed a $3.5 trillion fund blueprint that volition grow the social information nett and clime programs.

Although Biden is not straight liable for passing legislation––that work falls to Congress––Scalise is of the sentiment that the President can’t enactment a spending measure championed by the Democrats portion besides continuing to support his eyes connected the ever-evolving information concern successful Kabul.

“I deliberation what was the astir disgraceful happening astir this week, successful summation to the president of the United States cowering to a violent enactment the Taliban, getting — going disconnected connected their timeline alternatively of saying we’re getting each azygous American out,” Scalise said.

“There are thousands of Americans that President Biden stranded down force lines and alternatively of spending each infinitesimal moving to get them out, helium enactment a changeable timepiece connected them saying there’s lone 7 days near to get each Americans out,” helium added.

Scalise went connected to accidental that Biden “was wasting precious clip this week, burning the phones up, pressuring Democrats to ballot for a $5 trillion spending measure and taxation bill.”

“That’s what helium was wasting clip on. Every infinitesimal of his time should beryllium getting each Americans out. Because we’re going to look backmost aft the timeline that shouldn’t beryllium successful spot is passed and we’re going to cognize that determination are Americans inactive down force lines and helium wasted clip conscionable trying to unit to get a taxation and walk measure passed done Congress this week alternatively of trying to get each American out, which is his main responsibility,” helium said. “That’s the oath helium took.”

People volition look backmost astatine this week and inquire what Democrats successful Congress were doing portion Americans were stranded successful Afghanistan. The reply is they were engaged ramming done different multi-trillion dollar wide spending bill. Nothing connected Afghanistan. Shameful.


Scalise has been criticized by radical who’ve noted that the duties of Congress and the enforcement subdivision are separate.

@SteveScalise @All435Reps What precisely should Congress beryllium doing? Field trips to Kabul? Pulling subject officials retired of Afghanistan to springiness briefings? Appropriating tens of billions of dollars to DoD that won’t beryllium utile to this effort?


@SteveScalise US is getting retired of AFG & trying to assistance US masses' wellness & fiscal betterment & toxic discarded cleanable up of heavy subsidized industries. It galls SKKKalise & fascists GOP astir arsenic overmuch arsenic trying to prevention lives with masks & vaccines erstwhile a small humor wealth is inactive to beryllium had.


@SteveScalise Yep. Everything other doesn't halt due to the fact that of a azygous crisis. If you can't grip that you're not close for that job.


@SteveScalise what precisely was legislature expected to bash that would help? what instrumentality needs to beryllium passed to amended the concern there?


Earlier this week, the White House announced that since August 14, the time earlier Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, “the U.S. has evacuated and facilitated the evacuation of astir 37,000 people.”

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