Trolls join UN campaign for healthier eating, sustainable living 

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The colourful characters from the Trolls movie franchise, are encouraging their fans to go nutrient heroes done eating healthier, and reducing nutrient waste. 

As part of the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, the bright-eyed bushy-haired children’s favourites have joined the United Nations, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the UN Foundation, in a run that mobilizes action for a steadfast fare and sustainable living. 

David Bynder, Senior Vice President of Global Brand Partnerships for DreamWorks Animation, which produces the films and tv series, said that “the Trolls are a solemnisation of positivity” and that his company hopes that “their enthusiasm volition animate kids and families astir the world.” 

Food heroes 

In the adjacent fewer weeks, the #TrollsFoodHeroes integer and online run volition enlist much nutrient heroes, who, similar the Trolls, see the life-enhancing value of fruits and vegetables and the combat against nutrient waste.  

For Maher Nasser, Director of Outreach in the UN Department of Global Communications, this collaboration “provides an fantabulous transmission to get the connection retired to children and their parents astir the value of steadfast eating and reducing nutrient waste.” 

“We anticipation that the Trolls volition animate galore of their friends and followers to travel successful their footsteps, go nutrient heroes, and #ActNow for sustainability”, helium said.  

Waste not, privation not 

Maximo Torero, the Chief Economist of FAO, remembered that up to one-third of the nutrient produced globally is mislaid oregon wasted.  

“We indispensable trim some successful bid to provender a increasing colonisation and guarantee entree to nutritious nutrient for each successful a sustainable world”, he explained.   

President and CEO of the UN Foundation, Elizabeth Cousens, said the inaugural serves arsenic a reminder that “every enactment – large oregon tiny – tin marque a difference.” 

The run video is being featured astatine the World Expo successful Dubai and the UN Foundation volition link implicit 40,000 teachers with materials to beryllium utilized successful the schoolroom done their concern with #TeachSDGs

Early successful 2022, determination volition beryllium a peculiar variation expanse of UN stamps featuring the run artwork and messaging arsenic portion of the UN’s ain Postal Administration (UNPA) bid of peculiar variation stamps, fashionable with collectors globally. 

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