Something Changed On Fortnite's Map Today

11 months ago 207
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Fortnite's shop updates each time astatine 4 p.m. CT with caller skins, emotes, and gliders to acquire, but the crippled representation often changes without warning. That happened again contiguous successful a tiny way. If you research somewhat to the northeast of Logjam Lumberyard, you'll find a caller circular spot of ungraded conscionable beyond a hill. Investigating the country reveals a ample driller protected by IO guards astatine a landmark called Mole Team: Omega. That's right, the Imagined Order (better known arsenic IO) is backmost and it appears they drilled done the island.

Odds are we'll spot much IO troops connected the land successful the days and weeks ahead, apt culminating successful a caller communicative development. There's a accidental it could necktie into The Foundation unlockables countdown, which presently sits astatine 30 days.

If you privation to cheque retired the drilling site, marque definite you bring a weapon, arsenic IO volition unfastened occurrence the 2nd they spot you. Look for a structure and you'll find a ample limb cache. A launcher awaits connected the acold broadside of the ungraded pile, truthful you should beryllium capable to marque a speedy getaway aft getting the uncommon loot.

I can't hold to spot wherever Epic goes with this next. We're inactive waiting for tornadoes and that unusual six-legged purple monster to amusement up, but the accomplishment of IO is simply a bully astonishment that should pb to a caller antagonist showing up soon.

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