Persona 5 Strikers, Deep Rock Galactic, and Dirt 5 Featured In January 2022 PlayStation Plus Lineup

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Update, 12/31/21:

PlayStation announced earlier this week that Deep Rock Galactic, arsenic good arsenic Persona 5 Strikers and Dirt 5, volition beryllium the January 2022 PlayStation Plus titles, and now, caller details astir 1 of the games person been released. 

As archetypal reported by VG247, Deep Rock Galactic volition incorporate immoderate PlayStation 5-exclusive features acknowledgment to the console's DualSense controller. More specifically, the DualSense touchpad tin beryllium utilized to power the Terrain Scanner in-game. Plus, the controller's built-in talker tin beryllium utilized by characters to archer you orders arsenic if said characters are really utilizing a vigor to pass with you, arsenic 1 mightiness bash erstwhile mining heavy into an alien planet's terrain. 

For much astir the game, cheque retired Game Informer's Deep Rock Galactic review

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Original Story, 12/29/21:

The archetypal batch of PlayStation Plus games has been revealed. Are you a instrumentality of Persona, arcade racing, and/or co-op experiences? If so, January looks to beryllium your month.

Persona 5 Strikers headlines the month. This follow-up to the acclaimed Persona 5 launched successful February and centers Joker and the pack embarking connected a cross-country roadworthy trip. Developed by Dynasty Warriors shaper Omega Force, gameplay shifts to frantic hack-n-slash enactment alternatively of the turn-based battles of its predecessor. You tin work our positive reappraisal of Persona 5 Strikers here

Deep Rock Galactic is simply a beloved co-op shooter that has lone been disposable connected Xbox and PC. This marks the game’s debut connected PS5/PS4. Up to 4 players play arsenic dwarf miners nether antithetic classes to excavation underground caverns for precious gems portion battling elephantine alien bugs. Deep Rock Galactic’s amusive blend of assets gathering and combat netted an 8.5 retired of 10 reappraisal people from us, which you tin read much astir here

Lastly, Dirt 5 brings its marque of off-road racing to PS Plus. The latest installment successful the long-running bid boasts a choice-driven vocation mode, community-made courses, and choky arcade-style racing. To larn much astir what Dirt 5 has to offer, check retired our review

All 3 games get connected January 4. If you haven’t already, don’t hide to drawback December’s PS Plus games – Godfall: Challenger Edition, Mortal Shell, and Lego DC Super-Villains – earlier they marque their exit.

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