Shawn Mendes releases new song 'It'll Be Okay' following Camila Cabello breakup

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(CNN)Shawn Mendes has released a caller opus called "It'll Be Okay" successful the aftermath of his breakup with Camila Cabello.

On Tuesday, helium had teased the opus connected Instagram, arsenic helium sang the lyrics: "Are we gonna marque it?/ Is this gonna hurt?"

Lyrics successful the opus include: "If you archer maine you're leaving, I'll marque it easy/ It'll beryllium okay/ If we can't halt the bleeding/ We don't person to hole it/ We don't person to stay/ I volition emotion you either way/ Ooh-ooh, it'll beryllium oh, beryllium okay/."

    The opus comes conscionable 2 weeks aft Mendes and Cabello ended their high-profile relationship. The duo had been dating for implicit 2 years.

      In a associated connection astir the divided they said, "Hey guys, we've decided to extremity our romanticist narration but our emotion for 1 different arsenic humans is stronger than ever. "We started our narration arsenic champion friends and volition proceed to beryllium champion friends. We truthful admit your enactment from the opening and moving forward."

      Mendes volition caput retired connected a satellite circuit successful 2022.

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