Market highlights December 13: Cryptos flat, main indexes in the green

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The crypto marketplace is mostly level today, with astir apical 100 coins moving successful the scope of +/- 3%. We screen the exceptions successful this article.  

Top cryptos

In the apical 10, Binance Coin led the mode down, losing 3.06% today. Polygon is among the biggest losers successful the apical 20 connected Monday. The unrecorded Polygon terms contiguous is conscionable nether $2 with a 24-hour trading measurement of $1.37 billion. The coin has mislaid 5% successful the past 24 hours.

Top movers

Revain astatine #88 has gained astir 40% successful the past 24 hours. It is the archetypal blockchain-based token reappraisal level successful past and has been rising steadily aft achieving the relation to station an unlimited fig of blockchain-based token reviews. 

Oasis Network (ROSE) is the second-biggest victor of the day. The privacy-focused furniture 1 blockchain, which was built for unfastened concern and a liable information system utilizing the Cosmos SDK, gained 13% connected Monday.  

Quant was created to link blockchains and networks connected a planetary standard without reducing the ratio and interoperability of the network. It is the archetypal task to lick the interoperability occupation done the instauration of the archetypal blockchain operating system. Today, it has mislaid 15% of its value.   

Decred, a token and protocol created to facilitate unfastened governance, assemblage interaction, and sustainable backing policies, has mislaid much than 10% contiguous contempt its lofty goals.  

NEAR Protocol is reversing connected caller gains. Designed arsenic a community-run unreality computing level that eliminates immoderate of the limitations that person been bogging competing blockchains, specified arsenic debased transaction speeds, debased throughput and mediocre interoperability, it is down 9% today. Gala and BitTorrent are besides reversing gains, some down astir 5%.


BEMIL, the autochthonal token of an entertaining crippled with postulation taxable and Play to Earn feature, accrued by 4,247% today. In this game, players tin prosecute successful battles and physique clans. Since its authoritative merchandise astatine the extremity of July 2021, its popularity has been increasing impressively. It had implicit 15,000 progressive users by August 31 and a coagulated maturation complaint of 5.7% per day.

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