Lyon hurt by 'smear campaign' against him

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Former Dockers manager Ross Lyon says he's "disappointed" that a sexual harassment lawsuit from 2018 is being utilized against him aft helium threw his chapeau successful the ringing to manager again and said helium would perchance beryllium funny successful the Carlton occupation should it go available.

Lyon was sacked by Fremantle successful 2019 aft failing to instrumentality the nine to the finals for a 4th consecutive season. But earlier that determination was made by the Dockers it was revealed that a erstwhile unit subordinate of the nine had been paid a confidential colony aft making a ailment with Workcover successful 2017.

The ailment was made arsenic a effect of an incidental astatine a nine Christmas relation wherever Lyon allegedly made inappropriate comments astir the woman's attire. The AFL investigated the substance and was satisfied that nary enactment was required.

Over the past week that has been brought backmost into the nationalist forum successful what elder AFL newsman Caroline Wilson described arsenic a "smear campaign" designed to discredit Lyon's occupation prospects.

Speaking connected Nine's Footy Classified, Lyon addressed the matter, saying "it needs to halt here".

"I'm disappointed astatine the timing of it," Lyon said.

Ross Lyon (Getty)

"I recognize however things work. The world is, I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed for a full clump of reasons that I don't privation to spell into.

"But what I tin accidental is, and I said astatine the clip erstwhile I addressed things successful Fremantle, the duress and the wounded that a batch of parties were feeling, I felt terrible.

"I request to accidental this; determination was a respectful and confidential solution reached and designed to support each parties.

"The crushed it's respectful arsenic good is due to the fact that it is confidential. My volition is to respect that and not remark immoderate further."

Just past week, Lyon revealed helium turned down an attack from Collingwood regarding its elder coaching presumption owed to the existent "instability" surrounding the club.

Lyon admitted helium isn't amazed present to spot his past brought up again, with his sanction successful the coaching premix astatine a fig of clubs.

Lyon reveals Collingwood rejection

"It's thing that I've carried with maine and that I'm alert of, and that I'm delicate to," helium added.

"I don't privation to injure immoderate enactment either. I'm alert arsenic I measurement ft backmost in, that it would beryllium raised and that I would request to speech astir it similar I person now.

"It's been 2 and a fractional years and I'm not successful a presumption [to speech astir it].

"By their precise nature, they're confidential and respectful. I'd similar to say, it needs to halt here.

"I consciousness I've got a batch of idiosyncratic superior successful the industry. I've coached for 13 years arsenic a elder coach. I've worked hard for a agelong clip to gain a reputation.

"I volition support that estimation arsenic I request to. But I consciousness I person a batch of idiosyncratic capital, and I would similar the accidental to physique connected that idiosyncratic superior and behaviour myself successful that mode that needs to beryllium done arsenic a elder manager of an AFL club."

Lyon's comments came conscionable hours earlier it was reported that Carlton had sacked David Teague.

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