Koei Tecmo Says It Will Reveal Games That Show ‘Full Power' Of Company In 2022

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This twelvemonth was a large 1 for Koei Tecmo, which was down respective releases by mode of either improvement oregon publishing, but the workplace is teeing up 2022 to beryllium adjacent better. 

First reported and translated by Twinfinite, Japanese website 4Gamer published an nonfiction astir 2022 plans for section crippled developers, including Koei Tecmo. In it, Koei Tecmo’s amusement part wide manager, Yosuki Hayashi, says the workplace volition uncover respective games that person been successful the works for years successful 2022, stating that these titles “will pave the mode for the aboriginal of the company,” Twinfinite writes. 

Hayashi says the “full powerfulness of the existent Koei Tecmo” volition beryllium shown successful 2022 and that the twelvemonth volition people the merchandise of respective games developed by the studio. As for what, Team Ninja manager Fumihiko Yasuda said fans tin look guardant to aboriginal titles specified arsenic an action crippled acceptable successful the Three Kingdom era and different crippled that he’s really directing. 

Finally, Fatal Frame shaper Yosuke Kikuchi said that successful 2022, “his squad volition situation the improvement of thing that they person ne'er done before,” according to Twinfinite’s translation and that portion it volition beryllium a agelong time before it’s formally announced, the workplace is excited to get started. 

Perhaps 2022 volition bring a caller Nioh crippled to consoles and PC, oregon possibly adjacent a caller Fatal Frame, particularly since the past 1 was released successful 2015. Check retired our thoughts connected it successful Game Informer’s Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water review and past work Game Informer’s Nioh 2 review aft that. 

[Source: Twinfinite]

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