Joe Scarborough Criticizes Larry Elder’s Bogus Claims of Voter Fraud

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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough ripped into blimpish vigor big Larry Elder aft Elder urged his supporters to study immoderate instances of elector fraud connected an online signifier successful a bid to situation the results of California’s callback election.

Elder’s assertion is pre-emptive, noted Scarborough, who referred to Elder and his supporters arsenic “whiners.”

“What whiners. What losers. These mediocre small snowflakes are going around… Every clip it looks similar they’re going to lose

an election, they say, ‘Oh, the predetermination got stolen. They cheated.’ Seriously? This is elemental,” Scarborough said.

He added that Republicans are lone resorting to claims of elector fraud due to the fact that they are alert that their policies are unpopular.

“They recognize — particularly successful places similar California — that their policies are conscionable extraordinarily unpopular. They’re connected the incorrect broadside of truthful galore issues,” helium said.

“What whiners! What Losers!” “Elections are lone valid if they win.” “They’re connected the incorrect broadside of conscionable astir everything.” “Elections are lone valid if they win.” – Joe Scarborough #MorningJoe

— Cliff Yaffe (@CliffYaffe) September 14, 2021

Yesterday, Elder appeared connected a conception of “Fox and Friends” that pushed claims of elector fraud up of the recall.

“The degradation of that authorities nether his [Newsom’s] enactment is truly rather apparent,” 1 of the hosts said during an interrogation with Elder, Newsom’s Republican opponent, aboriginal adding, “I’m disquieted astir fraud… You know, erstwhile they recovered that meth addict with 300 ballots successful the trunk of his car.”

She past pitched to Elder: “Are you proceeding immoderate different stories similar that and however disquieted are you that that mightiness beryllium portion of this election?”

The comments referred to a caller study that a antheral had been arrested successful Torrance, California aft having been recovered passed retired successful a car that contained drugs, a firearm, aggregate driver’s licenses, and 300 callback ballots.

The antheral “was arrested connected suspicion of a fig of offenses, including weapons violations, narcotics and forgery violations,” according to a study from KTLA.

Police person pointed retired that this was an “isolated incident” and not indicative of wide elector fraud.

“Investigators are trying to fig retired however the predetermination ballots ended up successful the suspect’s conveyance and what their intent was successful having them,” constabulary officials said successful a statement. “This is an isolated incidental and is not related to immoderate further thefts of predetermination ballots.”

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