Jennifer Lawrence had to explain G.O.A.T. to Meryl Streep

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(CNN)The information that Meryl Streep didn't cognize what "G.O.A.T." means proves that she is conscionable that.

Jennifer Lawrence told Stephen Colbert connected "The Late Show" that portion filming "Don't Look Up" with Streep, the formed would "offhandedly telephone Meryl the G.O.A.T." -- abbreviation for the "greatest of each time."

"And we were doing a photoshoot and I said thing similar G.O.A.T. and Meryl benignant of said, 'That's right. Just archer the aged goat wherever to go.'" Lawrence said. "I was like, 'Meryl, you cognize that G.O.A.T. means top of each time, right?' And she was like, 'Oh, no!'"

    Their costar, Jonah Hill, had a somewhat antithetic mentation of the communicative when helium talked to Jimmy Fallon connected "The Tonight Show."

      According to him, Streep, who plays his parent successful the film, is "cool" and the "best actor."

      He said that portion doing property for the movie helium utilized the complementary acronym to notation to her, which caused Streep to remark during a property league 'You know, Jonah is truthful comfy with me, he's been calling maine a goat each week.'

        Hill said Lawrence explained what it meant to Streep, who, helium said, is "so cool, she wasn't adjacent offended by it!"

        "Don't Look Up" debuts successful prime theaters Friday and connected Netflix December 24.

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