Final Fantasy 14 Adds 1 Million New Players Ahead Of Endwalker Launch

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Final Fantasy XIV’s maturation doesn’t look to beryllium slowing down arsenic much radical are actively registered to play it than ever before. 

What started arsenic a failure, causing the squad astatine Square Enix to wholly revamp and relaunch the game, has grown to go 1 of the astir palmy MMOs connected the market. Final Fantasy XIV’s maturation has led to 25 cardinal registered players, up from 24 cardinal backmost successful October, arsenic reported by Eurogamer

This fig could emergence adjacent much contiguous arsenic the latest expansion, Endwalker, is yet retired aft launching into aboriginal entree past week. Hopefully, those players person been paying attraction to the information the squad down Final Fantasy XIV has been releasing due to the fact that the MMO’s servers are presently congested, with immoderate players hitting queue lines arsenic agelong arsenic 5000-plus players. 

The squad is giving each registered players and those who ain Final Fantasy XIV 7 days of crippled clip for free to marque up for each of the server congestion. The onset of Endwalker has besides led to Final Fantasy XIV garnering its largest concurrent subordinate basal ever. As noted by Eurogamer, the highest concurrent for the MMO deed an all-time precocious 2 days ago, reaching 95,000 concurrent players, according to SteamDB. The erstwhile grounds happened successful July, and it was astir 30,000 little astatine 67,000. With Endwalker’s motorboat happening today, we wouldn’t beryllium amazed if a caller concurrent grounds is reached (assuming the servers tin support up). 

While waiting to queue into Endwalker, cheque retired Game Informer’s Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker New Gameplay Today, and past check retired this caller trailer for the expansion. Read astir however the squad is inactive moving to bring Final Fantasy XIV to Xbox aft that. 

[Source: Eurogamer]

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