How to add device folders to Google Drive's Back Up & Sync on Android 12

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Backing up your Android instrumentality isn't ever straightforward. Jack Wallen offers a extremity connected however to adhd instrumentality folders and multimedia into your Google Drive backup plan.


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Android 12 marks a displacement successful however Google handles backups with the platform. Users volition enactment with Google One for their instrumentality backups. The strategy is simply a important betterment implicit the erstwhile solutions and should beryllium a invited alteration to everyone.

One facet of Google One is that it makes it overmuch easier for users to specify what is backed up to their Google unreality drive. Let's airs a scenario. You person galore applications installed connected your Android device. Many of those apps are utilized for connection and collaboration. Say, for example, you marque dense usage of Instagram, Messenger and Twitter for your concern societal media. From those accounts you download files. Or possibly you usage Slack to collaborate, and the files you collaborate with are saved successful your instrumentality Download folder.

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Are the folders those apps utilized being backed up? Probably not. The bully quality is that Google One makes it truly casual to adhd those locations and apps to your backup. The drawback is twofold: First, however you alteration these locations and apps isn't precisely intuitive. Second, making these changes volition number toward your Google Drive retention space. So, if you person constricted abstraction successful Drive, you mightiness privation to debar doing this (especially if you prevention a batch of data/files from these services). 

If, connected the different hand, you bash privation to alteration the backup of definite apps and locations, fto maine amusement you how.

What you'll need

To marque this work, you'll request an Android instrumentality that includes Google One. It's important to note, however, that Google One is simply a subscription work and it has plans starting astatine $1.99/month for 100GB. You tin cheque retired the Google One terms matrix to fig retired which program champion suits your needs. If you're a dense Google Drive user, upgrading to a subscription should beryllium an implicit no-brainer. I was perpetually bumping up against my retention bounds until I purchased a 2TB plan. Now I don't person to interest astir moving retired of abstraction connected Google Drive for immoderate time.

Once you subscribe to a plan, marque definite to instal Google One connected your Android instrumentality (if it doesn't automatically install).

And that's each you need. Let's get this configuration taken attraction of.

How to adhd multimedia messages to Google One

The archetypal happening we'll bash is alteration multimedia messages (photos, videos, and audio files) to the Google One backup. This is done done the existent Google One app. You'll find the Google One app successful your App Drawer. Open the app and past pat connected the Settings tab. Under BACKUP AND SHARING, pat Manage backup settings (Figure A).

Figure A


The Google One app settings model gives you entree to the backup settings option.

In the resulting model (Figure B), pat the ON/OFF slider for Multimedia messages.

Figure B


Adding multimedia messages to the Google One backup schedule.

How to adhd instrumentality folders to your Google Drive backup

Next, we're going to adhd instrumentality folders to the backup plan. This is done via the Google Drive app. Open Google Drive connected your Android instrumentality and pat the 3 horizontal lines successful the precocious close country of the window. From the resulting sidebar (Figure C), pat Settings.

Figure C


Accessing the Settings enactment from wrong Google Drive.

From wrong the Settings window, pat Backup and Reset. In the caller model (Figure D), pat Photos & Videos.

Figure D


The Google Drive settings model gives you entree to respective important options.

Scroll down and pat Back Up Device Folders. In the resulting model (Figure E), pat the ON/OFF sliders for each of the instrumentality folders you privation to adhd to the backup.

Figure E


Adding instrumentality folders to your Google Drive backup.

And that's each determination is to adding instrumentality folders and saved multimedia to your Google Drive backup. Just remember, if this results successful your Google unreality relationship filling up, you'll request either disable these features and region files from Drive, oregon upgrade your subscription to springiness you much retention space.

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