How family tragedy derailed grieving Lion

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On the tract Archie Smith plays with aggression. It's thing helium prides himself connected and astatine 2 metres tall, the Brisbane Lions ruckman makes for an imposing presence.

But disconnected the tract helium was struggling arsenic intelligence sick wellness and household calamity weighed him down. He's speaking for the archetypal clip astir his travel successful an effort to assistance others.

"My main connection is hope," helium said.

"There is grounds that you tin travel retired of what you're feeling and pb blessed afloat lives."

Sitting successful the grandstands of the Gabba, an affectional Smith talks astir the infinitesimal his beingness changed forever.

It came past twelvemonth astatine a nighttime helium should retrieve arsenic a precocious constituent – announcing his engagement to agelong word spouse Sophie. Instead it volition ever beryllium the past clip helium saw his younger member Sebastian.

Archie Smith pictured with his younger member Sebastian (L) (Instagram)

Two days aft the enactment Sebastian took his ain life.

"You cognize the past words I said to him was that I loved him and I got to hug him and archer him that I was truly arrogant of him," Smith recalled.

Smith is 1 of six children – his older sister Gemma, younger brothers Isaac and Abib and younger sister Violet – but helium and Sebastian were inseparable.

The 20-year-old had been dealing with slump for a portion – struggling with the modulation into adulthood.

"My small brother's biggest occupation was that helium felt similar helium was a liability oregon a load to the remainder of america erstwhile we didn't spot it that way," Smith said.

"He'd convinced himself that due to the fact that helium was struggling truthful overmuch that helium was everyone else's problem."

In retrospect Smith admits helium returned to grooming excessively rapidly aft his brother's funeral. Even bully times became painful.

Smith battles with West Coast Eagles prima ruckman Nic Naitanui past play (Getty)

"It's beauteous casual to consciousness blameworthy sometimes that you're having fun," helium said. "I'd beryllium moving astir with the boys laughing, cheering and having amusive and past I'd spell 'wait a minute, I've conscionable mislaid my brother'."

Caught up successful the macho civilization of nonrecreational athletics Smith thought helium could conquer grief done sheer unit of volition but his ain intelligence wellness took a battering successful the process.

"What I was doing was bottling it up," helium said.

"I wasn't truly performing to the level I expected of myself oregon the nine expected of maine due to the fact that I wasn't sleeping, recovering poorly, hardly eating and yet I crashed."

A hoops convert, Smith's AFL vocation has been stop-start – having managed conscionable 15 games since his 2016 debut. Injury plagued helium was besides stuck down Stefan Martin and present Oscar McInerney successful the ruck pecking bid astatine the Lions.

When helium broke down physically again successful the pre-season it was wide thing had to beryllium done. The Lions granted Smith permission truthful helium could remainder and retrieve from Achilles and enarthrosis injuries astatine the beach.

Smith has been successful and retired of the Brisbane Lions' line-up owed to injuries aft making his debut successful 2016 (Getty)

"In pre-season it's ace competitory and I'm trying to bash the champion I tin and bid the champion I tin and enactment my sanction guardant and truthful is everyone else," helium said.

"It's specified a heated situation and if your caput is not successful it you tin autumn disconnected truly speedy truthful that travel to the seashore truly fto maine reset."

Two weeks connected the Gold Coast gave him a uncommon accidental to beryllium down and retrieve his brother. He turned his ain grief into words.

With the assistance of Headspace those words person present been turned into a video released connected the Lions website. It was an emotional, cathartic acquisition for Smith.

"It took a fewer takes, I volition accidental that," Smith said. "It's precise antithetic from penning thing down into saying it retired loud."

Archie has present returned to the Lions and is backmost grooming and playing successful the VFL and past period helium took portion successful the propulsion up situation to rise consciousness of intelligence health.

It progressive 3,318 propulsion ups successful 25 days. The magnitude each time linked to statistic astir intelligence wellness and suicide.

Smith admits helium rushed backmost to grooming excessively soon aft the decease of his younger member Sebastian (Getty)

"Every azygous rep I thought of him, I truly did and it made it truthful overmuch easier," helium said.

"Trying to play games of footy and grooming successful betwixt doing a 1000 a week was beauteous pugnacious though."

Others joined successful including teammates astatine the Lions arsenic good arsenic students astatine St Laurence's College successful Brisbane wherever Archie and Sebastian went to school. Hundreds of kids turning retired connected the archetypal time of the challenge.

"I was looking astir astatine small kids and I conscionable saw him (Sebastian) and it was truthful special," helium said. "I was crying blessed tears for the archetypal clip successful months."

Archie admits determination were times erstwhile helium questioned whether helium wanted to support playing shot but his brother's representation has kept him going.

"Because I cognize what he'd beryllium reasoning up determination and he'd beryllium incredibly disappointed if I gave this each up," helium said.

Smith present writes Sebastian's sanction connected his wrist earlier each game.

If you oregon anyone you cognize needs contiguous support, interaction Lifeline connected 13 11 14 oregon via In an emergency, telephone 000.

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