Halo Infinite Player Wins More Than 100 Consecutive Free-For-All Matches

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There are decent Halo Infinite players, truly large players, ranked Onyx players, and past there’s Remy “Mint Blitz,” an Australian streamer who won much than 100 free-for-all matches successful a row. 

First reported by Kotaku, Mint Blitz originally set retired to triumph 50 consecutive free-for-all matches successful the recently-released (and free-to-play) multiplayer information of Halo Infinite. After winning 50 successful a row, though, helium upped the ante and sought to triumph 100 consecutive matches…and helium did it. In fact, helium continued connected to triumph adjacent more, yet breaking the streak around “105, 106 straight” wins. 

The streamer said it took him astir a week to amass 100 consecutive wins and it went fundamentally flawlessly, prevention for 1 hiccup: his PC froze and helium was forced to discontinue retired of Halo Infinite. However, his video shows that helium was up by 10 points, meaning helium was astir surely going to win. Considering a PC frost is retired of his hands, Mint Blitz perfectly gets the walk connected that. When helium booted the crippled up again, helium was backmost to his winning streak.

After each was said and done, Mint Blitz provided immoderate feedback for the free-for-all mode. At the apical of his database was the deficiency of Sniper Rifles contiguous in free-for-all. He said it spawns connected conscionable 1 representation and adjacent then, lone astir 50 percent of the time. This forced him to tackle the situation successful a antithetic mode (rather than relying connected sniper multi-kills, which helium seems to bespeak is however helium would person typically completed truthful galore wins successful older Halo titles). 

He besides highlighted immoderate guns helium recovered particularly useful, and immoderate unusual quirks helium discovered with them, too. Mint Blitz says the Shock Rifle is large – it insta-kills with a azygous headshot – but that successful bid to get a headshot, you person to really sprout down a subordinate erstwhile they’re moving successful a direction. He besides said the Plasma Pistol needs its EMP features back, but that different the classical “noob combo” – occurrence a charged blast, power to a precision limb similar the pistol Sidekick, and instrumentality them retired with 1 speedy changeable – works arsenic good arsenic ever. 

He said the Mauler is astir apt the champion weapon successful Halo Infinite, citing its ample ammo capacity, its deadly precision, and its beardown melee. If you ticker his video, you tin spot that the Repulsor is thing helium uses rather often to motorboat enemies disconnected cliffs and implicit gaps to fatal deaths, too. 

“Winning 100 games consecutive was incredibly stressful,” Blitz says successful the video helium posted connected YouTube breaking down the feat. “I had my friends, and erstwhile I was reaching the 90s, they each [said] ‘don’t choke astatine 100, Remy, don’t choke. It’d beryllium truly atrocious if you messed up the past game.' I was panicking that I was going to choke.” 

The streak came to an extremity aft helium couldn’t outkill idiosyncratic connected Halo Infinite’s Bazaar map, though. Here I was feeling arrogant of myself for ranking up into Diamond…

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[Source: Kotaku]

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