Gartner: 7 characteristics CIOs need to take digital leadership to the next level

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Specific actions are required for self-development and to play a broader relation successful accelerating integer concern growth, Gartner expert says astatine IT Symposium/Xpo.


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As an organization's apical IT leader, CIOs whitethorn deliberation they person the skills needed to assistance their organizations accelerate and enactment competitive, but determination are 7 traits they request if they privation to basal retired successful a rapidly changing world, according to Apoorva Chhabra, an subordinate main expert astatine Gartner.

"What got you present won't instrumentality you far," Chhabra said during a league astatine Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo Tuesday. "It involves tasks that spell good beyond checking a box."

Being a integer person contiguous requires evolving your mindset; the mode you instrumentality your enactment guardant with immoderate unsocial characteristics and traits, she said. The 1 captious constituent of moving a integer concern is to person the characteristics of effectual enactment that scope beyond the norm and make greater value, she said.

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It has ne'er been a much urgent clip to beryllium an effectual integer leader, Chhabra said.

During her presentation, Chhabra outlined the 7 characteristics of a integer leader:

1. They are neophiliacs

A neophiliac is simply a idiosyncratic who has a emotion of novelty and everything new. They person a beardown affinity to cognize what is happening successful the satellite and are attracted to knowledge. Effective integer leaders person a heavy tendency to make caller experiences for themselves.

One elemental task Chhabra suggested CIOs tin bash is to effort thing caller each different week—or adjacent each day. It doesn't person to impact a batch of effort but it has to beryllium habitual. For example, deliberation astir a antithetic mode to commencement a virtual meeting.

"It's each astir cultivating an cognition that welcomes divers ideas from divers people," she said, arsenic good arsenic exposing yourself to a assortment of stimuli.

She besides advised maintaining a equilibrium and making definite you are "not making immoderate rash decisions you'll regret."

2. They invent but besides copy

Don't dabble successful innovation oregon bash a small spot of it each implicit the place, she said. It's amended to improvise based connected tested methods. Invent sometimes, but besides transcript and improvise, she stressed.

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"As a integer leader, you should person an appreciation of wherever precisely your enactment needs to basal antithetic and wherever you request to transcript and improvise." For example, Chhabra cited Amazon Kindle and said that portion erstwhile CEO Jeff Bezos didn't invent the e-reader helium understood that consumers wanted a unsocial mode of publishing and speechmaking books. So helium implemented technologies and created a unsocial plan and concept.

3. They eschew manufacture boundaries

Leaders similar to cognize astir marketplace trends and what their competitors are doing. Chhabra advised CIOs not to marque plans based connected what they cognize astir their industry. "Instead, unit yourself to deliberation and question: Is that enough?"

Instead of looking astatine your nonstop competitors, look astatine what startups and niche players are thinking. Think beyond the accepted acceptable of manufacture boundaries, she said, and much astir "what bash you deliberation the integer dragon is thinking?"  

4. They admit that innovation is much than conscionable creativity

Innovation and creativity are not interchangeable, Chhabra said. "As an effectual integer person you besides person to recognize innovation is decidedly much than conscionable creativity," but creativity is simply a large captious behaviour indispensable successful the innovation process.

The emblematic innovation process starts with thought procreation and past evaluating, processing and implementing an idea, and finally, promoting it to the market. "Conventional leaders marque the mistake of reasoning they should absorption conscionable connected creativity for the full innovation process," she said. "As a integer leader, it's important for you to absorption beyond creativity."

There are 4 different skills/behaviors that are necessary, according to Chhabra. In the valuation phase, you request radical who tin situation which ideas volition spell guardant and volition make worth for stakeholders.

Secondly, you request radical who collaborate and bring unneurotic different radical and resources. Third, you request radical who conception the plan process truthful the thought is implemented. Finally, to commercialize that, determination request to beryllium radical who tin merchantability the thought to customers.

"Remember 1 elemental thing: Stop making ideation look glamorous and implementation look mundane," Chhabra said. "You don't request 1 thought to overshadow others. Maintain a equilibrium and guarantee each 5 behaviors are presented equally."

5. They physique teams with precocious AQ (adversity quotient)

Even with each the close radical successful the close spot successful the organization, CIOs indispensable inquire if that is capable to pivot during uncertain times. Some radical are similar an ovum and volition ace nether adverse situations. Some are similar an apple—they get bruised and gradually go toxic. There are others who are similar a tennis shot and bounce backmost and inactive support their signifier and are resilient, she said.

"Effective integer leaders guarantee they are similar a tennis shot and person a precocious AQ," which refers to the knowing of quality resilience to woody with undesirable circumstances, Chaabra said.

Leaders should signifier "positive visualization" portion letting squad members cognize what outcomes they are expected to achieve. While a affirmative mentality has an inspiring effect connected teams, astatine the aforesaid time, leaders should besides signifier antagonistic visualization for resilience.

This means looking astatine outcomes arsenic good arsenic obstacles since not everything is going to hap arsenic planned. "You person to guarantee your squad understands IT supports it and behaves and handles those changes accordingly," Chhabra said. "It's important not to place antagonistic visualization and enactment it distant arsenic a resilient enactment for your team."

6. They ne'er see integer to beryllium the outcome 

Many leaders privation to go a integer institution and alteration their concern model. Chhabra recommended that if this applies to them, they should intermission and inquire themselves whether being integer is the company's eventual goal? She suggested that it is not.

"And effectual integer leaders recognize this. They cognize integer is conscionable a means, not an end." Making everything integer doesn't truly lend to a greater value, she said. In fact, sometimes it decreases the worth of the solution. She cited online market buying arsenic an example.

"It is little friendly, much time-consuming and the acquisition of being successful a store is not what you consciousness connected an online market site, according to Chhabra. "So usage integer to heighten your worth proposition—how you execute your concern outcomes and bring customers what they privation successful an effectual way."

Value proposition elements see novelty, differentiation, terms and enactment facilitation, she said. The applied technologies to alteration this are analytics, automation, large information and simulation.

In the end, companies should absorption connected the things that matter: what their worth proposition is, an improved lawsuit acquisition and the concern outcome. 

"Don't dainty integer arsenic your lone outcome," she stressed.

7. They geek retired connected technology

Even though exertion shouldn't beryllium the lone solution, it is an important ingredient, Chhabra said. It's OK to beryllium considered a geek and not shy distant from it, she said. "Effective integer leaders don't. They geek retired connected exertion and promote their teams and radical to bash that."

Being a geek brings you person to knowing what your concern is built connected and knowing what the concern is about. A tech geek whitethorn beryllium idiosyncratic who connected a Saturday morning, sips beverage and reads astir the latest gadgets and technologies. If that's you, "there is simply a crushed to observe due to the fact that you're a geek."

Chhabra's last proposal was to punctuation W. Clement Stone, laminitis of The Combined Insurance Company of America, who said, "Big doors plaything connected tiny hinges." She recommended starting tiny and inhabiting 2 oregon 3 of these characteristics. That way, you won't get overwhelmed and tin seizure them and signifier them truthful they go mundane habits.  

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