Dionne Warwick is in a Twitter battle with Oreo

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(CNN)Dionne Warwick has been a fable successful the euphony manufacture for years, and she continues to cement her legendary presumption connected Twitter.

The vocalist has travel to beryllium known for her wonderfully nonstop tweets. Now she's present recovered herself successful a spot of a conflict with Oreo, and it's benignant of delicious.

Warwick invited companies to interact with her connected Twitter backmost successful October. After Oreo responded, she tweeted astatine them "Hello, What is your weirdest flavor? Why are y'all doing the most? The 1 spirit was fine."

    Warwick has since updated her much than 588,000 Twitter followers connected however that went, sharing a photograph of Oreo articulator balm and a bundle of Java Chip Oreo cookies om Wednesday.

      "After asking @Oreo to instrumentality to the archetypal flavor, they sent maine these outrageous items arsenic a response," the tweet read.

        It sounds similar she viewed it arsenic a changeable crossed the bow.

        "I volition beryllium retaliating astatine a aboriginal date," she tweeted.

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