Destiny 2: Season Of The Lost Continues Bungie's Recent Pivot To A More Raw, Honest Form Of Storytelling

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Much similar the archetypal Destiny, Destiny 2 fell into a rut astatine launch. The crippled launched nether the Activision helm arsenic its steadfast and portion the squad did see a much in-depth communicative arsenic requested from fans of the archetypal game, the endgame contented and astir contiguous consequent expansions did small to link with players. Between the controversies of paywalls, consulted narratives, and a grind that didn't look to beryllium going anywhere, Destiny 2's aboriginal started retired successful a precarious place. Then Bungie separated from Activision and became its ain workplace erstwhile much and portion unraveling power connected that standard takes time, we archetypal saw the teams summation their footing with the Forsaken DLC, and past again with Shadowkeep. Where Bungie genuinely recovered its bushed was with the Season of the Chosen and Splicer, weaving meaningful tales that spell beyond what we've seen earlier wrong the game. Bungie explored themes lone concisely touched connected successful the past and that determination paid off.

During the caller Witch Queen showcase, Bungie confirmed that it has seen the affirmative reactions from the assemblage regarding the past 2 seasons and that the squad wants to thin into that, eschewing the reliance connected grimoires and making the communicative much disposable for each to enjoy. Season of the Lost has lone conscionable begun, but it has already shown committedness for continuing connected the almighty momentum gained with the erstwhile 2 seasons. 

Beyond this constituent contains spoilers for an important country successful Season of the Lost, if you bash not privation to beryllium spoiled

do not work past this point.

If you've been pursuing my sum done the past 2 seasons, past you cognize I've been beauteous adamant that I thought Osiris was who Savathun was masquerading as, a information we learned during Season of the Splicer pursuing Chosen heavy teasing her corruption passim the City. I person besides been convinced that the takeover happened pursuing Osiris' Ghost's death, Sagira, truthful ideate my elation and trepidation erstwhile some theories turned retired to beryllium true. What I loved astir this confirmation, however, wasn't that I was right, but how Bungie told this peculiar story. Just arsenic with Chosen and Splicer, it's wide that the assorted teams that enactment towards fulfilling the originative imaginativeness of Destiny 2 person recovered their cohesive stride, and that travel radiates passim the narrative. It's not conscionable astir the communicative anymore, it's astir the code and however it's told, and that has seen a drastic pivot successful the past twelvemonth erstwhile exploring the complexities of the quality acquisition - adjacent if we aren't each human. 

When Savathun elaborate each of the ways she "helped" the Guardian and the City against assorted threats, with the astir caller assistance against the Vex and Lakshmi's influence, she explained the infinitesimal erstwhile the Osiris we cognize became thing else. Season of the Chosen explored Zavala's grief and the interaction it had connected his life, his perception, and his narration with those astir him. Season of the Splicer explored Saint's self-actualization and maturation arsenic his ain antheral portion Crow struggled to find his spot successful this caller world. Season of the Lost kicked disconnected exploring the interaction of Osiris' grief aft losing his closest friend, his shade Sagira. Sagira perished erstwhile she and Osiris began investigating the Cryptoliths astatine the manus of a High Celebrant of Xivu Arath. She died protecting Osiris, a information that helium couldn't travel to presumption with. 

In his grief and guilt, Savathun recovered her "in." Taking implicit the signifier of Osiris, the Osiris that we've grown person to implicit the past seasons, the Osiris that guided Crow into learning who helium is pursuing the decease of Uldren Sov, is not Osiris astatine all. The person of Saint-14 is mislaid and we volition request to find him done aiding Mara Sov successful her quest to purge the Dreaming City of its curse and retrieve the tech witches that person besides been mislaid passim the game's events. But it wasn't conscionable that she was capable to unafraid him done his grief, it was the mode she explained his grief that genuinely made this arc deed home. Savathun is known arsenic the queen of lies, which means she has the powerfulness to signifier our perceptions and shingle up each that we cognize to beryllium true. With her garnering of the Light and instauration of Hive Guardians, her metallic lingua has already begun its power successful Season of the Lost, tampering with the tapestry of information that we've thought up until this point. The recounting of her takeover to the Guardian balanced empathy portion flirting with a condescending tone, astir the mode you'd speech to a child. It was that leaf borderline that made maine consciousness for Osiris and wounded for Saint, but it besides made maine disquieted that different mentation I had could perchance spot fruition: are we the atrocious guys? Are determination atrocious guys astatine all, oregon are we each conscionable floating successful a oversea of grey? 

We are lone astatine the commencement of this play and our quest to assistance Mara Sov. With Mara's comments astir Uldren's decease and his translation into Crow and with the trepidation felt astatine the thought of conspiring with Savathun, this play is already shaping up to beryllium a chaotic ride. I can't hold to spot what's next, particularly with each of the caller features connected the skyline with Witch Queen's accomplishment adjacent year. If you missed the showcase, check retired our recap here of each of the things we are the astir excited about. 

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