Trump Secretly Tested Positive For COVID Before Debate With Biden

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According to his caller book, Mark Meadows claims that Trump tested affirmative earlier his archetypal statement with Biden successful 2020.

The Guardian reported connected the Meadows book:

Donald Trump tested affirmative for Covid-19 3 days earlier his archetypal statement against Joe Biden, the erstwhile president’s 4th and past main of unit has revealed successful a caller book.

Mark Meadows besides writes that though helium knew each campaigner was required “to trial antagonistic for the microorganism wrong seventy-two hours of the commencement clip … Nothing was going to halt [Trump] from going retired there.”

Trump Debated Biden While He Likely Had COVID

Trump got astir the request by texting antagonistic connected the accelerated trial strategy that the White House utilized that produced a mendacious antagonistic complaint of 50% and was lone effectual if a idiosyncratic has symptoms. 

Trump’s insistence connected utilizing the faulty accelerated investigating strategy alternatively of requiring masks and societal distancing resulted in aggregate large COVID outbreaks astatine the White House.

Trump announced that helium had COVID 3 days aft the statement connected October 2.

Trump Could Have Killed Himself And Biden

When Republicans agelong for the bully aged days of Donald Trump, this is what they are referring to. Republicans privation a president who lies and jeopardizes himself and others by recklessly spreading COVID.

It would person been a catastrophe for the state if Trump had fixed Biden COVID, arsenic some statesmanlike candidates could person ended up hospitalized.

The state should beryllium thankful that the ace spreader successful main is nary longer successful power.

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