War of Words: Bloodshed Continues In Baltimore As Governor, Prosecutor Fight Over How To End Violence

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A warfare of words betwixt Governor Larry Hogan and City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby implicit convulsive transgression has heated up arsenic radical support getting changeable and killed successful Baltimore each day.

🚨 Hogan sharply criticizes Baltimore City State’s Attorney and says backing volition stay pending and nether reappraisal until probe by Office of Crime Prevention into Marilyn Mosby’s bureau into however $$ are spent. His comments beneath @wjz pic.twitter.com/nkYavWlpF9

— Mike Hellgren (@HellgrenWJZ) November 23, 2021

Since they some criticized each different astatine abstracted quality conferences Tuesday, determination person been astatine slightest 2 homicides and 1 non-fatal shooting arsenic good arsenic a stabbing successful Northwest Baltimore.

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A antheral was changeable successful the caput Wednesday day successful West Baltimore.

Man recovered changeable successful the caput successful West Baltimore this afternoon. @wjz pic.twitter.com/dEngPAqrjm

— Mike Hellgren (@HellgrenWJZ) November 24, 2021

“People travel up to maine and accidental tin you occurrence the state’s lawyer successful Baltimore City?” Hogan asked portion making remarks astatine the State House. Hours later, Mosby accused the politician of being “more acrophobic with pointing the digit astatine everyone other than really leading.”

Mosby said, “Just similar Donald Trump, Larry Hogan has utilized Baltimore City arsenic a punching bag.”

Hogan has been captious of Mosby’s determination not to prosecute non-violent crimes and has threatened to chopped her backing unless Mosby provides accusation connected plea deals she has struck, cases she has chosen not to prosecute and those cases wherever her bureau has reduced charges.

“We besides request a authoritative who volition really prosecute convulsive criminals,” Hogan said.

Hogan calls unit the astir pressing contented facing Baltimore: “The radical of Baltimore are hurting. They’re scared, and they’re searching for answers.” @wjz

— Mike Hellgren (@HellgrenWJZ) November 23, 2021

“The hypocrisy of campaigning to refund the constabulary portion defunding prosecutors is not mislaid connected the citizens of Baltimore City. He’s attacking maine again, disrespecting maine again,” Mosby told reporters.

Hogan plans to conscionable with Mayor Brandon Scott—alone. The 2 person sparred implicit transgression strategy before, but this clip Scott is staying supra the fray.

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“When I person thing to accidental to the governor, I accidental it similar a antheral to him. He has nary problems getting meetings with maine and vice versa. We’re going to bash that. And we are going to grip these things together.”

Hogan besides wants the General Assembly to see exigency authorities adjacent period that toughens penalties for radical caught with amerciable guns and those who proviso guns utilized successful crimes. It would besides people judges Hogan perceives arsenic excessively lenient: Tracking and publicizing the sentences they springiness to convulsive offenders.

“I cognize determination are a mates of Baltimore City assembly members who privation to destruct the constabulary department. I tin archer you that astir cipher agrees with them,” Hogan said.

Baltimore Barbers Demand Action After Shooting Spree Kills Two Of Their Own; Reward Increased In 13-Year-Old Girl’s Killing https://t.co/Fg7uD59WgL #Baltimore #crime pic.twitter.com/dc5qY8Q8Iw

— Mike Hellgren (@HellgrenWJZ) November 23, 2021

“Why is his lone solution to transgression much constabulary and mandatory minimum sentences?” questioned Mosby.

The politician said much wealth volition beryllium provided to Baltimore for lighting and information improvements and authorities instrumentality enforcement agencies are assisting successful patrols.

The metropolis has seen respective high-profile killings. Sixty-nine-year-old Evelyn Player was stabbed to death wrong her religion successful East Baltimore. There is simply a idiosyncratic of involvement successful the case, and the politician has offered a $100,000 reward.

In West Baltimore, a makeshift memorial sits extracurricular the Lillian Jones Rec Center, wherever 13-year-old Maliyah Turner was killed. A neighbour who asked not to beryllium identified told Hellgren helium watched Turner’s last moments. “What I heard was the 2 shots. She had her eyes open, and she was breathing. That was her past breath. Let’s get justness for the family. I anticipation they find the transgression who did this to her.”

The authorities of Maryland is adding different $8k to reward—bringing full to $21k to find 13-year-old Maliyah Turner’s killer. She was changeable extracurricular a rec halfway successful West Baltimore past week. @wjz https://t.co/1vFFaPQPcn

— Mike Hellgren (@HellgrenWJZ) November 23, 2021

Baltimore constabulary announced an accrued reward of $21,000 for accusation that leads to an arrest. They are present receiving assistance from the ATF. You tin telephone Metro Crime Stoppers astatine 1-866-7-LockUp.

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