Commentator ripped over 'disgusting' Giddey call

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A Philadelphia 76ers commentator has travel nether occurrence implicit immoderate arguable comments made astir Australian Josh Giddey, who fell awkwardly and astir injured himself during Oklahoma City's nonaccomplishment today.

While Giddey's Thunder went down 115-103 to the 76ers, the Australian defender gave his champion effort precocious successful the crippled to support the scores close.

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Trailing by 13 points with 1:25 remaining successful the 4th quarter, the Thunder had a accelerated interruption opportunity, with Giddey receiving the shot adjacent to the handbasket earlier his lay-up effort resulted successful a foul aft superstar 76er Joel Embiid contested the attempt.

Embiid, who's listed astatine 127kg, crashed into Giddey which sent the Australian tumbling onto the hardwood.

Joel Embiid takes retired Josh Giddey. (Twitter)

With Embiid good known for his wounded battles successful caller seasons, 76ers announcer Alaa Abdelnaby raised eyebrows by not lone criticising the Thunder and Giddey for not giving up connected the game, but neglecting the wounded interest to the 19-year-old.

"My question would be: Why are you inactive moving accelerated breaks?" Abdelnaby said.

"If you don't privation america to play hard, wherefore are you moving hard?

"Jo Jo [Joel Embiid] is conscionable not going to springiness up the casual two.

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"I conscionable interest astir erstwhile helium (Embiid) falls. No offence to Giddey, I could attraction little (about him falling).

"But this guy, you don't privation to spot him autumn awkwardly due to the fact that you interest arsenic a Sixers fan."

Abdelnaby's telephone resulted successful fierce backlash crossed societal media arsenic fans and pundits voiced their frustrations.

Meanwhile, it was a affirmative outing individually for Giddey.

The No.6 prime successful this year's draught stuffed the stat expanse with 19 points, 8 rebounds, six assists, and 4 steals.

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