Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Flaunts Its Stylish Moves In New Trailer

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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, the upcoming Jet Set Radio-inspired crippled by the makers of Lethal League, is each astir style. With that successful mind, what’s cooler than hitting a clump of sick tricks acceptable to a caller soundtrack? Not overmuch based connected this latest trailer. 

Although the video doesn’t update players connected erstwhile Bomb Rush Cyberfunk volition drop, it does supply a glimpse into immoderate of the chill moves you tin propulsion off. Whether you’re tearing up the metropolis connected a brace of skates, a bike, oregon a skateboard, executing stylish obstruction grinds and nailing combos is not lone amusive but captious to progression. The crux of the crippled is tagging capable spots with your graffiti and out-tricking other crews to gain capable estimation to situation them for territory control. Mastering traversal besides matters for reaching hidden areas of the metropolis that whitethorn incorporate secrets. 

If this modern homage has you chomping astatine the spot to play it, developer Team Reptile promises in the video's statement that it's “going successful hard” to get Bomb Rush Cyberfunk retired the doorway this year. The crippled is slated to get connected Switch and PC. 

What bash you deliberation of this latest look astatine Bomb Rush Cyberfunk? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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