Betty White's best 'Golden Girls' lines and moments

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(CNN)Betty White wasn't expected to play Rose Nylund connected "The Golden Girls," but we are truthful grateful that she did.

White was primitively expected to represent the hot-to-trot widow Blanche Devereaux connected the drama bid astir 4 elder women surviving unneurotic successful Miami. It ran from 1985 to 1992.

The show's director, Jay Sandrich, however, had worked with White connected "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and thought the Blanche quality was excessively adjacent to White's relation connected it, Sue Ann Nivens.

    So Rue McClanahan was formed arsenic Blanche, and White became sweet, ditzy Rose, 1 of the astir beloved of the "Golden Girls."

      The pursuing are immoderate of the Rose's champion moments and lines connected the show.

      Rose the antheral killer

      In an occurrence entitled "In a Bed of Rose's," Rose sleeps with a antheral named Al Beatty and helium dies successful her bed.

      Her husband, Charlie Nylund, had antecedently died during a bout of their lovemaking, truthful Rose begins to judge she's lethal to men.

      She aboriginal tells her roommates Blanche (McClanahan) and Dorothy Zbornak (played by Bea Arthur) that she slept with different antheral named Arnie and helium besides died.

      "And the sheriff, I told him astir me, however I termination men and helium didn't judge me," a distraught Rose says. "He said, 'Let's see. Sleep with me.' So I did. And the sheriff died."

      Fortunately Rose was joking, overmuch to the consternation of her friends.

      First impressions

      When Blanche dared to inquire Rose her archetypal content of her, she got an honorable answer.

      "I thought you wore excessively overmuch constitution and were a slut," Rose said.

      Cue Blanche looking little than pleased.

      "I was wrong," Rose assured her. "You don't deterioration excessively overmuch makeup."

      Wild woman

      Rose eagerly agreed erstwhile Blanche told her, "I've got a feeling you're a chaotic woman."

      "Oh, you stake I am," Rose said. "I devour earthy cooky dough. And occasionally, I tally done the sprinklers and don't deterioration a bathing cap. And astatine Christmas, I've been known to enactment distant much than 1 eggnog."

        On aging

        "My parent ever utilized to say, 'The older you get, the amended you get. Unless you're a banana.'"

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