Bears confirm bid to become NRL's next franchise

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The Bears person gone nationalist with their bid to go the NRL's 18th franchise, revealing a caller shortened sanction that ditches their North Sydney branding 22 years aft they were forced retired of the competition.

After the NRL earlier this period confirmed the Dolphins, who bushed retired Queensland rivals the Firehawks and Jets to articulation the contention successful 2023, the Bears announced they privation to beryllium the adjacent squad to participate the competition.

An 18th franchise volition beryllium connected the NRL's radar going forward, and it's surely nary concealed aft CEO Andrew Abdo confirmed it would marque consciousness to grow the competition's play fixtures.

"Seventeen is simply a earthy stepping chromatic to 18," Abdo said earlier this month. "At 18 we person different fixture, that provides a full different accidental for our fans."

A study by The Sydney Morning claims the Bears outlined their program to the NRL 5 months agone but chose to support it a concealed during the league's quest for a caller Queensland franchise.

The caller logo of the Bears (Sydney Morning Herald)

Part of the bid volition spot the nine known conscionable arsenic the "Bears" aft a caller logo a released ditched the iconic North Sydney branding.

It's understood the nine volition inactive beryllium based retired of North Sydney, but portion of the bid volition spot the squad task retired to determination NSW areas specified arsenic Dubbo, Coffs Harbour, Wagga Wagga, the Central Coast and Tamworth.

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Bears president Daniel Dickson spoke of his excitement surrounding the bid.

"We privation to beryllium reintroduced arsenic the 18th team, arsenic a squad of the people," Dickson told The Sydney Morning Herald.

"We deliberation it's the champion rugby league communicative successful 20 years.

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"This is de-risking the maturation of the crippled by re-engaging with 220,000 fans. If you commencement a caller franchise, you person years of increasing your instrumentality base.

"This is an existing, 113-year nationalist marque of heritage, bosom and history. All we request to bash is springiness it a platform."

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The Bears past played successful the NRL successful 1999 aft they were forced retired and person since been the feeder nine to the Sydney Roosters.

The nine successful 2000 merged with the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles to signifier the Northern Eagles, but that lone lasted until 2002.

Part of the Dolphins' bid to go the NRL's 17th franchise was they needed to stump up a $50 cardinal slope warrant for the archetypal 5 years.

Sean Hoppe and Mario Fenech of the North Sydney Bears celebrates aft a NSWRL finals lucifer astatine the Sydney Football Stadium 1993 (Getty)

To beryllium they tin beryllium financially stable, the Bears person been backed successful by The North Sydney Leagues Club arsenic a semipermanent sponsor.

It's understood respective are besides unfastened to a backstage ownership model.

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