AT&T Stock: Is It A Buy Right Now? Here's What Earnings, Charts Show

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AT&T (T) is 1 of the astir recognizable wireless telephone carriers successful the U.S. The telecom and media conglomerate has been having a amended twelvemonth truthful acold than it did past year. AT&T banal was down implicit 26% successful 2020, adjacent aft recovering astir 30% from its lows of the coronavirus carnivore market. So acold successful 2021, stock person traded down 2%. On the affirmative side, the banal maintains a precocious 7.4% annualized dividend output successful a precise debased involvement complaint environment. Should investors see buying AT&T stock?


Currently, the banal marketplace is successful an uptrend which means it's a large clip to place apical banal contenders for your portfolio and initiate caller positions. Investors should question retired starring stocks successful starring manufacture groups that are outperforming the market.

Now the question is, does AT&T banal merit a spot successful your portfolio oregon connected your watchlist? Let's look astatine AT&T from a CAN SLIM perspective.

Is AT&T Stock A Leader Or Laggard?

According to IBD Stock Checkup, AT&T banal ranks No. 6 successful presumption of Composite Rating wrong the telecom services manufacture group. Of the apical 7 stocks successful the group, AT&T ranks 4th successful presumption of terms show truthful acold this year. Shares are down astir 2%. This indicates that the banal is trailing the leaders specified arsenic Lumen Technologies (LUMN) and IDT Corporation (IDT). Given its presumption comparative to its peers, it's harmless to accidental that AT&T is not a starring stock.

AT&T Technical Analysis

AT&T banal precocious formed a caller level basal with a 31.99 buy point. But the breakout failed successful precocious May erstwhile stock gapped beneath the 50-day enactment successful dense volume. Shares of AT&T person since fallen beneath their 200-day moving mean arsenic well.

The caller basal was a archetypal signifier — a bullish sign. Breakouts from first- oregon second-stage bases are much apt to enactment than those from later patterns. However, the breakout failed arsenic shared couldn't clasp capable momentum to travel done connected the breakout, which occurred connected May 4.

On the antagonistic side, AT&T banal presently maintains a precise debased Relative Strength Rating of lone 16, which is good beneath the minimum of 80 for perfect maturation banal contenders.

With the RS line trending little successful caller weeks, AT&T banal is showing superior weakness from a comparative spot perspective. The RS enactment measures a stock's show against the S&P 500. Ideally, an RS enactment should beryllium astatine oregon adjacent a caller precocious erstwhile a banal breaks out.

AT&T Stock By The Numbers And Ratings

AT&T reported first-quarter net connected Apr. 22. Earnings and gross for the March-ended 4th bushed Wall Street projections arsenic the institution added much wireless postpaid telephone subscribers than expected. AT&T said it added 595,000 postpaid wireless telephone customers vs. estimates for a 216,000 gain.

The firm's first-quarter nett roseate to 86 cents a share, up 2% from a twelvemonth earlier. Revenue roseate 3% to $43.9 billion, exceeding analysts' estimates of $42.69 billion. A twelvemonth earlier, AT&T earned 84 cents a stock connected gross of $42.7 billion.

First 4th gross astatine the company's WarnerMedia part roseate 9.8% to $8.5 cardinal arsenic advertizing astatine Turner Broadcasting rebounded.

The telecom said it added 2.7 cardinal home subscribers for the HBO Max streaming video work successful the archetypal quarter. AT&T said it had 44.2 cardinal HBO Max streaming subscribers arsenic of March 31.

Analysts spot 2021 EPS falling 1% for AT&T. But they estimation a 4% summation for 2022.

Is AT&T Stock A Buy?

AT&T banal should not beryllium bought close present based connected its fundamentals and method analysis. Investors privation to prioritize stocks that person seen maturation of astatine slightest 25% successful net and income successful caller quarters. T banal presently falls acold beneath that.

Despite its 7.4% dividend yield, AT&T banal is not 1 to beryllium added to your portfolio close present based connected substandard terms performance. Investors volition request to hold for the banal to signifier a amended illustration signifier and regain spot fundamentally. Investors tin cheque IBD banal lists and different IBD contented to find the champion stocks to bargain oregon watch.

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