Arcade1Up Announces Pro Series Cabinets With A Bigger Killer Instinct Machine

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Arcade1Up, makers of affordable arcade cabinets built at a manageable size to enactment successful your home, is broadening its merchandise enactment to connection a larger, full-size instrumentality for collectors who privation a much true-to-arcade experience. 

The archetypal successful the enactment of Arcade1Up's Pro Series cabinets features a fistful of games, centered astir Rare's classical fighter, Killer Instinct. What makes the Pro Series basal isolated from its contemporaries isn't its slate of games, though; it's the operation of the furniture itself.

Arcade1Up's accepted location arcade machines basal determination betwixt 47" and 57" tall, depending connected whether you person it sitting on the height-boosting riser. The Killer Instinct Pro Series furniture measures successful astatine 67.5" gangly (or 5ft 6in), astir a ft taller than the emblematic cab with a riser setup. Its show is besides larger astatine 19 inches compared to Arcade1Up's modular 17-inch screens. Other premium additions see a lit marquee, faux chrome trim, molded fake coin slots, an upgraded joystick, and "more generous spacing betwixt components that improves precision​." It adjacent comes with a Killer Instinct branded swivel stool that sports a backrest for (hopefully) comfy seated play. Not bad!

Here are each of the specifications of the instrumentality according to Arcade1Up: 

  • Wifi (Online Multiplayer)
  • Flush Cabinet Design stands astatine 67.5” Tall!
  • 19” LCD Screen
  • Upgraded Lit Marquee
  • Suzohapp Joysticks and Buttons
  • Upgraded Speakers and Speaker Grills
  • Clear Deck Protector
  • Molded coin doorway with light-up coin slots for 1-2 subordinate start.
  • Faux Metal T-Molding
  • Faux Arcade1Up badge
  • Licensed Swivel Stool with Back Rest
  • Licensed Anti-fatigue mat included
  • Licensed Tin Sign 18” x 24”

Of course, you can't bask the big vertical gaming container itself without immoderate games to play connected it. The Killer Instinct Pro Series furniture comes loaded with some arcade Killer Instinct titles and a selection of Rare's classical Battletoads games. Some, perchance all, of the games athletics online multiplayer, though it has not been specified which ones do.

Here's the afloat database of games you tin play connected the caller Pro Series cab:


It's bully to spot Arcade1Up connection a furniture person to the modular size you'd find successful an existent arcade for those looking for the other elbow room, a bigger screen, oregon playing without hunching over. I'm excited to spot which bid follows KI successful the Pro configuration. My fingers are crossed for NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, oregon Marvel Vs Capom 2. Arcade1Up's website doesn't database a terms presently but expect this caller merchandise enactment to travel successful supra the company's ~$500 terms range. 

What bash you deliberation of the Pro Series cabinet? Which games bash you privation to spot get this attraction alongside Killer Instinct? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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