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Small Business of Illinois exposed off to Frauds of Billions

 CHICAGO (CBS) — A new wave of layoffs is not good news for the Illinois unemployment system, which is already struggling under the weight of a crush of pandemic claims.

On Friday night, new accusations surfaced saying the state did nothing to stop tens of thousands of dollars in unemployment fraud targeting a single small business.

As CBS 2’s Tara Molina reported, the state lost more than $30,000 to fraudsters from the employees of the small business with which we talked.

But it’s not just the fraud the victims have a problem with.

“Between the three of us, we’ve got around $37,000 of the state’s money tied up,” said Victor Chigas.

Chigas and two coworkers at a small financial business all had fraudsters apply for unemployment in their name.

“It’s crazy how much money the state is losing all around us,” he said.

It is money, he said, that the Illinois Department of Employment Security distributed without even trying to check on their employment status.

“They’re not even remotely doing their due diligence on this,” Chigas said.

He said there was no phone call, letter, or anything else from the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

“The state is just sending our money in the easiest of fashion without even picking up the phone call and calling to see if anyone was terminated,” Chigas said.


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