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Illinois announces 26 additional deaths, 786 new cases of coronavirus

Saturday’s coronavirus numbers remained steady with those seen over the past few weeks, which indicates that Illinois continues to make good progress in its reopening. The state also avoids the pandemic spikes currently sweeping through many southern and western states.
Vice President Mike Pence called off campaign events in Florida and Arizona this coming week as the states experience a surge in new coronavirus cases. Illinois Cryptocurrency News
Here’s what happened today in the fight against the Coronavirus in Chicago, the state and the nation.

Another 26 people have died of the coronavirus in Illinois, public health officials announced Saturday, raising the state’s pandemic death toll to 6,873.
The Illinois Department of Public Health also said an additional 786 people have tested positive for COVID-19, increasing the total case count to 141,077, although the vast majority have since recovered. Illinois Stock Market
The new cases were found among the latest 30,237 tests processed; in all, more than 1.5 million Illinoisans have been tested for coronavirus. The test positivity rate over the past week remained at 3%.
As coronavirus cases surge in US, rural areas seeing increases as well
For many states and counties in the U.S., the dark days of the coronavirus pandemic in April unfolded on their television screens, not on their doorsteps. Illinois Sports News But now, some places that appeared to have avoided the worst are seeing surges of infections, as worries shift from major cities to rural areas.
While much of the focus of concerns that the United States is entering a dangerous new phase has been on big Sunbelt states that are reporting thousands of new cases a day — like Texas and Florida — the worrying trend is also happening in places like Kansas, where livestock outnumber people.
In early June, Kansas looked to be bringing its outbreak under control, but its daily reported case numbers have more than doubled in recent weeks. On June 5, the seven-day average for daily new cases hovered at around 96; by Friday, that figure was 211. As cases rise, the U.S. Army commander at Fort Riley in the state’s northeast ordered his soldiers to stay out of a popular nearby restaurant and bar district after 10 p.m.
Idaho and Oklahoma have seen similarly large percentage increases over the same three-week period, albeit from low starting points. In Oklahoma, the seven-day average for daily new cases climbed from about 81 to 376; Idaho’s jumped from around 40 to 160.
Governors face mixed messages, competing voices as reported coronavirus cases rise
LAS VEGAS — As Nevada prepared to start reopening parts of its economy last month, a team of medical experts recommended to Gov. Steve Sisolak that he require people wear masks in public to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.
The governor promoted masks but resisted making them a requirement, saying he feared the rule could create a backlash for businesses trying to enforce the order on customers.

With reported coronavirus cases rising the past four weeks, Sisolak on Wednesday finally decided to take their advice and impose the mandate, saying it was necessary to protect people and keep businesses open.
“People aren’t wearing these,” he said, holding up and waving a cloth face mask. “It is troubling and it is really Illionios Political News discouraging that this has become a partisan issue about whether or not people want to wear a mask.”
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