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Two sisters died days apart from coronavirus in Illinois. Family members didn't see them in their last moments

(CNN)Richard Frieson's sister, Patricia, was the first person in Illinois to die from the coronavirus outbreak.

Before the family found out she had the infection, Frieson's family didn't think much of it when she reported having breathing problems, he told CNN Friday.

"On the same day we learned of her death, though, my other sister was checking herself into the ER for a cough that she had," Latest Illinois News Frieson said of the second sister, Wanda. "That one took us by surprise."

The two sisters ultimately died from the same disease. What hits the family the most is that they didn't get the chance to give their sisters a final goodbye, Frieson said.

"The toughest part about my sisters' death is that they had to die alone in the hospital," Frieson said. "It's just devastating to us that we couldn't go to see them in their last moments."
Patricia Frieson, 61, died on March 16 and her 63-year-old sister lost her life Wednesday, CNN affiliate WLS reported.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker issued a stay-at-home order for the entire state, which went into effect on March 21 and lasts through April 7. Press Release Distribution Service In Illinois has more than 3,000 coronavirus cases, including more than 30 deaths. In the US, more than 1,500 people have died from coronavirus.

Frieson's family is planning a memorial service for Patricia and Wanda when they're able to get back together, he said.
"That will bring some closure, but now all we can do is FaceTime each other," Frieson said.
For now, Frieson says he's just happy his last words to both his sisters were: "I love you."

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