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Press Release Distribution Service Illinois

Press Release Distribution

Tracking how well our distribution process had improved the visibility of your press releases is done in the most simplistic approach. This is to ensure that we are not giving you unnecessary burdens Our Press Release Distribution system is designed to cater to the needs of your small business. Once you set-up your subscription account with us, you will have automatic access to your Newsroom wherein you can monitor and track the progress of your press release campaign.
Press releases used to be a great way to get inbound links, but not anymore. At least not directly. As with everything else that used to work for a quick SEO boost or easy link building, Google and the other search engines caught on to these “grey hat” tactics. The term grey hat is what it sounds like – not 100% honest white hat SEO but not quite scam black hat SEO. It’s using “legal” means to inflate your search engine presence. Anyway, back to press releases.

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